30+ Female Adult Hockey  

Adult Female plays Tuesday nights at the Langley Sportsplex. For the 

2021-22 Fall/Winter Season our leagues "25th Anniversary".  Teams will be back playing 6 on 6 hockey under our normal playing rules and numbers. Team / Player Registration is now open and includes time keeper, music and 2 on-ice referees.  Our Team Fee of $9200 plus gst for a 24 games. 


Individual players can register through league at $700 and be placed on a team by league.   

30+ Adult Female allows 3 under age players per team so long as these players fit in as "mature adults" and play within our sportsmanship policy.

2021 Spring/Summer Hockey will play 10 players per team plus goalie and play 9 games on a weekly Tuesday night basis, commencing June 1.

Team Fee $2750 or individual players can register with league for $250 and will be placed on a team. 

Click the icon to email Brian Brown, AIHC League President

or call 1-604-834-0950

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