30+ Female Adult Hockey  

Adult Female plays Tuesday nights at the Langley Sportsplex. For the 

2021-22 Fall/Winter Season our leagues "25th Anniversary".  Teams will be back playing 6 on 6 hockey under our normal playing rules and numbers. Team / Player Registration is now open and includes time keeper, music and 2 on-ice referees.  Our Team Fee of $9200 plus gst for 24 games. 

The league will be migrating on to Team Snap, team managers will be able to use Team Snap app for free as a member of the Adult Ice Hockey Club.

Individual players can register through league for ($700) and will

be placed on a team by league manager.   

30+ Adult Female allows 3 under age players per team so long as these players fit in as "mature adults" and play within our sportsmanship policy.

2021 Summer Hockey will play 10 players per team plus goalie and play 8 games on a weekly Tuesday night basis, commencing June 1.

Team Fee $2475 or individual players can register with league at $225 and will be placed on a team. 

Click the icon to email Brian Brown, AIHC League President

or call 1-604-834-0950