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40+ Old Timer League

Our Old-timer Ice Hockey League plays at the Langley Sportsplex. 11 teams play mainly Monday nights with a few Saturday night games spread throughout the year. We have one team that holds and plays all their games on Saturday night.

Our league emphasizes sportsmanship and fair play. 


We end our fall/winter season bracketing teams into our "Challenge Cup" tournament . Teams are guaranteed 24 games.


Team Registration Fee is $9435 plus GST $1906.75 deposit due May 15 

and 4 payments of $2,000 due July, Aug, Sept & Oct 15.

Individual players can register and will be placed on a team

40+ Hockey has a "ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY" for any

rough or edgy play. Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT

BE TOLERATED. Our membership places friendship above all else. This league has a very social element to it and seeks out like minded individuals.  

Click the icon to email Brian Brown, League President

or call 1-604-834-0950

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